Hibar Element Manufacturing for Customer Requirements

We offer a efficient custom made service to all our clients.  If there is an element which needs designing to suit your needs then we are the company for you...


Brake Resistor
Brake Resistor


A braking resistor is used in motion systems where a motor in controlled by a drive. Typically, these are high-speed servomotors controlled by a servodrive. When accelerating, electrical energy is converted to a mechanical force to move a mass. When decelerating, that kinetic energy is converted (via the motor) back into electrical energy, and must go somewhere. To brake quick enough, the energy must be dumped into a power resistor, to be dissipated as heat.

Kiln Spiral Element

We make Kiln Spirals to suit customer requirements using both N80 wire and KA1 wire.

Glass Quartz Tube

We make Quartz Tube Heaters for plating bath requirements, 2KW at 600MM long, 3KW at 450MM  and 900MM long.

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