Our Affiliates

We are agents for some of the leading brands in the element and heating industry.


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For over 40 years Maxiwatt has aimed to produce the best cartridge heaters. We use the highest technical standards when manufacturing to ensure only quality products are made. Before Maxiwatt products are incorporated into the cartridge, they must undergo the strictest quality tests to ensure a reliable cartridge heater which can vary from a 4mm microwatt cartridge up to 700mm, with lengths up to 6m.

As the New Zealand Maxiwatt agent Hislop & Barley Electrical Ltd can offer low and medium wattage cartridge and coil heaters from the industry leader.






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Elstein-Werk are a worldwide supplier of specialized ceramic infrared radiators, with over 50 years experience.

Examples: Ceramic infrared radiator elements used in vacuum forming, laminate forming, vinyl embossing, paint drying and curing, and piggery heating.

GEFRAN is a leader in the field of automation and process control. Number 1 in Italy for a number of years GEFRAN has also established strong markets in Europe, Asia, Southern and Northern America. Examples: Temperature controllers, timers, counters, linear and rotary position transducers, Solid state relays., paint drying and curing, and piggery heating.

Kalthoff is a German based company which manufacture high temperature silicone rubber plugs and socket systems for element connections.


Tempco manufacture heating elements and thermocouples for hundreds of applications in thousands of design variations.

Examples: Cartridge elements, ceramic fibre furnace elements, cable heaters, flame-proof process heaters for petrochemical industry, flexible silicone rubber heating pad heaters, temperature and humidity controls, microprocessor controls for ovens and furnaces, thermocouples.